Moncks Corner


What is Home Telecom WiFi?

Home Telecom WiFi is free high speed wireless Internet provided by Home Telecom as an amenity for customers, business vendors, and visitors of public areas located within Home Telecom service areas.

What is a WiFi Network?

WiFi is a mechanism for wirelessly connecting electronic devices via nodes that are located throughout a certain area. A device enabled with WiFi, such as a personal computer, video game console, Smartphone or digital audio player, can connect to the Internet via a wireless network access point.

What are nodes?

WiFi nodes are wireless network access points. The nodes broadcast a wireless signal so users can connect to the Internet. The access points generally have a connection radius of 200 feet.

How can I access the Home TelecomWiFi Network?

The Home Telecom WiFi Network is available free of charge to all users who have accepted the terms of service and the privacy policy. To access the network on your laptop, Smartphone or PDA, please select HomeSCWiFi.

How many users can the Home TelecomWiFi Network support?

The Home TelecomWiFi Network is designed to support a large number of users. The actual number of users will vary depending on the activities by individual users. Home will monitor the network and provide additional bandwidth as needed.

How will visitors know about the Home TelecomWiFi Network?

Signs will be posted in public areas with access to Home Telecom WiFi and HomeSCWiFi will show as an available network on most devices.

How much does it cost to connect to the Home TelecomWiFi Network?

The Home TelecomWiFi Network is completely free for all users. Once users agree to the terms of service, they will be able to visit any website they choose.

Is there a possibility to advertise my business on the Home TelecomWiFi Page?

No. There is no program at this time for additional sponsors.

Is there a time limit for the public WiFi access?

Yes. There is a three hour limit per day.

What do I do if I cannot login to the Home TelecomWiFi network?

Please call customer support at 888-227-4040 or email

Why is Home Telecom funding the network?

Home Telecom, a local independent telecommunications company headquartered in Moncks Corner, serves over 20,000 residential and business customers throughout a large portion of the Lowcountry. It is Home Telecom's belief that taking a technological interest in local communities is vital to the future of each community and its citizens. Home Telecom is committed to doing its part to keep America connected by notably providing high-speed Internet access to 98.5% of its service area. Funding wireless Internet networks in various areas through the Home Telecom service area is proof of their commitment.